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Frequently asked questions


Why would I use an e-bike over a regular bike?

There are many reasons: 1. Get to where you need to go faster and easier than on a regular bike. Depending on how you choose to ride, you can travel without significant effort at up to 20mph on some bikes and even up to 28mph on others. 2. Climbing hills is a breeze... and we aren’t talking about the breeze from huffing and puffing. 3. No sweat. Even though you can ride much faster, you won’t feel like you have to take a shower once you are there. 4. Safer. That might seem counter-intuitive, since you can go faster than on a regular bike, but you also get an easier start from stopped positions, allowing you to get through an intersection steadier and quicker. When climbing steep hills with cars nearby you can focus more of your energy on controlling the bike instead of propelling the bike. 5. Easier on those joints. Use the electric assist to ease the pressure on your knees and hips. 6. Staying together. You may have a riding partner that rides at a different pace than you. An e-bike can even out the pace for both of you. 7. Ditch the car. The convenience, the ease and the speed of an electric bike make it an alternative to an automobile more often than a regular bike. A study by Portland State University shows that e-bike owners ride more frequently and farther than when they relied on their traditional bike. This was the case for all age groups. 8. It’s FUN!!! Just try one and you’ll see. Or catch a friend coming back from their first test ride with a big smile on their face.

What is the range I can get from a single charge?

The biggest factor contributing to your range is whether you pedal or just use a throttle without pedaling, along with what level of assist you use. XOLO E-bikes is a strong proponent of the synergy resulting from combining human pedal power with electric power, so we’ll tell you the expected range when you do both. With relaxed pedaling expect 22-50 miles on a single charge for most e-bikes. In some cases you’ll go even farther. We have bikes that are getting 80+ miles on a single charge. Range will also be impacted by the battery capacity, the hills, wind and your size. Many electric bikes pedal easily as regular bikes. So you can extend the range even further by using little or no power on level surfaces and down hill.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike battery?

A lithium ion ebike battery that is fully depleted will take 3.5 to 6 hours to recharge. Batteries that still have a partial charge when you start charging will take less. In addition, the last hour or so of a charge is used to "top-off" the cells, and you don't have to wait for that process to be completed. So some batteries can be 90% charged in 2.5 hours or less.

How many charges can I get out of a battery?

Most lithium-ion, which will provide a minimum of 500 full charge cycles at which point the battery will hold about 80% of its original capacity. Some batteries can deliver up to 1200 charge cycles. If you recharge the battery when it is only 50% depleted, that counts as only 1/2 of one charge cycle. If you usually use your e-bike in pedal-assist mode, combining both pedal power and electric power, you can expect to go 20,000-50,000 km before replacing your battery. That is a lot of miles on a bicycle.

Can I ride an e-bike as a regular bike - without the electric power?

Yes. And it is easy to switch back and forth. For example, you might want to use the power only when you are going up hills.

Do I have to pedal?

XOLO E-bikes can operate by simply turning the throttle without pedaling.

What about leaving my electric bicycle out in the rain?

The motor and battery are sufficiently sealed to be protected from the rain. However, we do suggest that if you are carrying your bike on the back of a car and rain is in the forecast, that you place the battery inside the car. Driving 70mph in a downpour with the battery exposed is like pressure-washing your battery. That's a lot different than riding your bike in the rain.

How much will I reduce my carbon footprint if I use an ebike instead of a car?

It takes the carbon footprint of over 60 e-bikes to equal the carbon footprint of one single occupancy, gasoline-powered car.

Is servicing an e-bike any different than a regular bike?

Look at an e-bike as being comprised of two groups of parts – mechanical and electric. Mechanical parts are the same parts that you’ll see on non-electric bikes. Servicing mechanical parts can be performed at any bike shop. You might find that your bike parts might wear a little faster than on a non-electric bike – especially brake pads, chains, cogs and tires. But that’s because most people put many more miles on their e-bike. There is some basic maintenance that you can do on your own, like keeping your tires properly inflated and lubricating your chain. The electrical parts don’t require any maintenance. If you do run into a problem with an electrical part, you’ll want to go to a shop that has some expertise in servicing e-bikes. While not really a maintenance task, you do want to make sure that the battery keeps some charge in it. If you don’t, it might discharge to a point so low that you can’t charge it anymore, thus killing your battery – an expensive mistake to make.

Can you ride an E-bike if the battery runs out?

Ifthe battery runs out you can still pedal and get home safely. Depending on the terrain you are riding, it could be more difficult as E-bikes are a bit heavier than your normal trekking or mountain bike.

Are E-bikes loud?

No, E-bikes are surprisingly quiet! When the rider pedals and the motor turns on to assist the rider’s power, you can only hear a low hum.

How should I clean my electric bike?

Clean your eBike like you would clean your regular bike. Use a hose, sponge and preferably a decent detergent. If you can, then clean it after every ride to keep it in tip top condition. Also remember after cleaning to re apply lubrication to the chain with a decent dry lube. Please resist from using pressure washers on your bike. Not because of the electrics, but high pressure water can push factory grease from the internal bearings leaving them dry for the next ride.

How are electric bikes controlled?

XOLO E-Bikes Support both Pedal Assist and Power on Demand PAS – Pedal Assist or Pedelec When you pedal in this mode, the system senses your speed, cadence and/or torque, depending on the bicycle, and adjusts motor speed to match. You also have multiple power modes, from eco-to turbo. Turbo mode will use more battery power than eco-mode, but you’ll get more of a boost! On throttle equipped bikes, using the throttle in the PAS mode will give you a significant boost. PAS yields the best range and rider experience. It gives the rider the “magic carpet ride” everyone loves! TAG/POD Twist And Go/Power on Demand. XOLO E-bikes are throttle equipped bikes, a simple twist of the throttle will have the eBike rolling. No need to pedal. On certain off-road models, the throttle is for start-up power only, and will give you a boost of around 8mph to get you rolling into the FUN of pedal assist mode.

What is the mileage range?

It depends on many factors: terrain, wind, temperature, rider weight, tire pressure, and rider input. Under normal conditions and rider participation, one can expect 30-60 km per charge.